Woodcraft’s ability to perceive Architect’s and Designer’s requirements enable our customers to take advantage of our “Design Support”. Many of our Customers see this as invaluable in achieving their objectives.

Our in house Design & CAD team with years of experience & knowledge can develop our client’s ideas into reality.

We provide precise in depth drawings for both our clientele and production facility, along with other contractors.

HITHER COTTAGE. Full development of an Architects plans/drawings and visual of a helical staircase, works included producing helical stairs setting out, full working drawings, structural calculations followed by in-house manufacture and installation.
WEST MIDLANDS POLICE. Works included the development of Architects details to provide setting out details and manufacturing rod drawings for the reception area layouts, desk and canopy beam encasements to the existing structure.
FOYLES BOOK STORE. A full design and build package including the production of schemes, visuals, layout plans and elevations, drawings, rod drawings for manufacture.
ZUMO. Design and manufacture and installation of a client's visual/perspective bespoke GRP Juice Bar, over 20 further installations carried out throughout the UK and Ireland.
ST ANDREW'S HEALTHCARE. Development and testing of anti-ligature door furniture and door sets to ensure compliance and suitability prior to manufacture.
MANOR ROAD. Design and visuals of a domestic staircase/entrance area to a 1st floor extension, followed by full working drawings for building control approval and manufacture.
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